Archiving the Past for Future Generations

Coming Soon!

Laser engraving

First trials on cork and wood - more coming!
Need time to learn how to engrave on other materials :-)

Grandchildren plaque $10
Coasters wood / cork  4 $10
Gift for teacher organizer $10
Bread board  with logo  10$
+ Shipping Canada Post Business Expedited


Photo, negatives and slide digitizing and restoration


VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video 8, and 8mm Film


Vinyl, CD and Cassette audio conversion

In the past year, the pandemic has given many of us a lot of free time. For me it was an opportunity to digitize family memories to create an heirloom for my children, grandchildren and future generations.  As I shared my project with family and friends they encouraged me to consider doing the same for others.  Take a look around and see the possibilities.  

About Me

My name is Richard Beaulieu and I am a retired educator living in Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Québec.  I was an early adopter of all things technology. My first personal computer was a Timex-Sinclair ZX-81. It had came with a 2KB memory and I upgraded it to 5KB! This was in 1982. As an educator, my home office over the years was well equipped to provide my students with the materials they needed to learn.  Following retirement this same equipment would be used to support my pastoral responsibilities at my local church as well as my hobby of creating family genealogies. I now have some time to use these same tools to take on your project. 

Flatbed scanner                     
Epson Photofast scanner
Slide and Film (negatives) scanner
8mm film scanner
Document and book scanner
Video Capture Digitizer
Ion Cassette and Vinyl Digitizers
Laminator (letter, legal and tabloid sizes)
Thermal binding machine
Photo restoration software

Personal attention to detail

I am a hobbyist and not a company with employees other than myself and therefore, I will only take on projects on a first come first served basis and will only take on a small number of projects as time permits. So e-mail me with the scope of your project and I will let you know what my availability is and what time-frame we are looking at.

Please note
While my process often delivers wonderful transfers, the condition of your original items will determine the quality of the digital product.  For photos the Epson scanner and software will allow for some automated colour enhancements as well as red eye removal.  For damaged photos requiring substantial editing, see the section on photo restoration on the menu.

Drop-off Service
78 rue du Lac Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Québec
Pick up and Delivery
Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Guérin & Ville-Marie $5
Englehart to Cobalt $15 
All other locations Canada Post
Cost of shipping as calculated on Canada Post site.


Contact me


78 rue du Lac, Notre-Dame-du-Nord, QC


(819) 702-2105