Genealogy Research

Ancestry Research

Using the Ancestry web service, I will research your family tree and provide you with an electronic copy (PDF). Research can only be provided if you can provide a minimum of 2 relatives that are deceased as living persons information is not provided by Ancestry to protect the privacy of individuals who are living.

Services offered
- Straight-line ancestry (sample)
- Pedigree ancestry-single family line paternal or maternal (sample)
- Traditional Family Tree (sample)
- Life stories (sample)
- Life stories with supporting documents - births, christenings, marriage and
  death records where available (sample
- Family name origins and family coat of arms (if available from the House of Names web service)
The samples above include layouts and photos which I added to the standard reports available from Ancestry. I would provide you with an editable Word document (docx) file which you can edit to personalize it.  

Pricing: Quotes will be provided based on the type of document you are looking for and the amount of detail you are wanting to include. Quotes will be provided after you have provided me with the basic information required for me to estimate how many relatives I can find.  In my 3 family trees I have done so far for my paternal line I was able to go back to 1595, however on my maternal line of Scottish descent only as far back as 1744. Francophone genealogies are more extensive as the responsibility for documentation was with the parishes and the Drouin records are far more extensive than any other collection of family histories.